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Why In-Person OSHA Safety Training is Superior to Online Training

OSHA Safety Training is an important component of any robust safety program, and required by OSHA for your employees. While online training may make sense for organizations on a limited basis, in-person safety training has many unique advantages.

In-Person Safety Training Required

There are some OSHA Safety Training Courses that have a practical exam component which can only be performed in-person, meaning online training is not an option.  An example of this would be Forklift Training, where there is both a classroom and practical component of the training course.

Technology Challenges

As you have certainly experienced, every employee has a different level of ability as it relates to technology.  Not every employee will move quickly through an online course and in our experience, some employees may take as much as three times the allotted completion time to finish their coursework.


Everyone is busy these days and people are often multitasking their way through the day, especially during activities that do not require engagement.  When you watch tv at night you probably spend a little time on Facebook or Instagram, you take a break to use the restroom, grab a snack or even take a phone call or text a friend about plans for the weekend.  The same happens during an online course. Employees may think they know the material so they don’t need to pay attention to the videos where the material is being presented.  However, when the quiz is presented at the end of each segment, students may not retain enough information to pass.  In some cases, people end up taking the entire course a second time because they are not able to achieve a passing score.

Greater Comprehension

Have you ever read a set of instructions on how to install something and found yourself having to re-read them over and over?  Have you ever phoned someone with the skill set to install it and have them show you how to do it, and get a better result?  The same can be said for safety training. When you have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with someone who has deep understanding of the material, you are more likely to retain the information and be able to apply it on the job.


The price to register for an online class may be slightly less, but when you consider that the course may take longer (or significantly so in some cases) due to technology challenges or distractions, that price difference is more than made up in productivity because employees will likely be back to work sooner with an in-person course.  Less total time in the classroom, with equal or even improved comprehension, means better results for you.

Interaction with The Instructor

One of the best parts about in person training is that students have an opportunity to interact with the instructor.  Students have the chance to ask questions, and discuss real life examples of things that they have seen in the field.  For example, if students are learning how to wear a harness properly, they will get the opportunity to put one in the classroom.

All in all, there is a time and a place for online training. However, the gold standard in safety is in-person training.  Whether it’s Fall Protection Training, OSHA 10-Hour Training, Rigger and Signal Person Training, your employees will be more likely to retain the information from an in-person course.

At the end of the day, training is given to impart information and instill relevant knowledge that will keep your employees safe and injury free as well as meet governmental regulations.

With this in mind, it hope you see why to consider in-person safety training whenever possible.

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