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Defensive Driving Class

Defensive Driver Training

What skills should the student expect to learn?

Students who participate in this course will be encouraged to reflect upon and consider their current driving habits and vehicular behaviors.  Students will learn how to improve their driving behavior in a way that exhibits safe actions and consideration for other drivers on the road.  This course  should be considered by proactive employers to enhance their safety culture by engaging their employees in safe driving practices. Students will learn how to anticipate driving instances, avoid common driving distractions, and improve their awareness of the dangers of driving as well as focus on the safety of themselves and others in the vehicle and on the road. This course can help lower the risk of vehicular incidents or misconduct on behalf of your company.  The course is also appropriate for individuals who need to re-visit the concept of driving safely and become more connected and focused on vehicle safety and consideration for other drivers on the road.

Who should take a defensive driving class?

This course is designed for all employees who drive company vehicles of all types, employees that drive on client jobsites, contractors and any employee that gets behind the wheel to perform a company work assignment.

Why choose Safety Consultants USA as your defensive driving instructors?

Safety Consultants USA Safety instructors are certified through the National Safety Council and understand the day-to-day activities of your employees on the road, on a jobsite, and in company vehicles.

Frequently asked questions:

Is there an exam?

Yes.  There is a written exam component per the National Safety Council standard.


What is the length of the class?

4 hour for refresher, 6 hour (modified), or 8 hour for new employees/safety orientation.  Safety Consultants USA can help you select the right defensive driving course for your employees.

Will my employees receive a certificate upon completion of the class?

Yes.  Training certficates are provided in both electronic and hard copy.

Can I get a reduction on my auto insurance if my employees take the defensive driving course?

Maybe.  This is dependent upon your auto insurance carrier.  Safety Consultants USA recommends discussing this with your insurance broker to understand what discounts may be available.

Where is the class taught?

This class can be taught at your office, or at Safety Consultants USA’s training center.